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Banks and Presets for Your Musical Universe

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The world of plugins is vast and complex. There are instrument and effect plugins, potentially divided into multiple editions and versions. And some plugins are platforms in their own right with unique preset formats. Preset Galaxy gives you the tools to navigate through this space and get new content for all your favorite plugins.

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XLN Audio XO Listen to Demo 80s Dance Beat 90s Hip Hop Acid Techno Action Scene Ambience Big 80s Beat Busy Bee Dance Throb Detailed Pop Electro Funk Electro Meters Ethereal Beat Feeling Jungly Four Floor Funky Hop Funky Monkey Ghosty Beat Gospel Breakbeat Groovin Beat Half Time Half Time Drums Hippo Groove Hitmaker Hit on Four Hype Pop Jazz Fives Laggy Beat Latin Influence Layered Hip Hop LinnDrum Dance Linnish Drums Lofi Hiphop Lumpy Groove Machine Gun Pop Millennial Swag New New Orleans Open Field 80s Orbs Overhead Pop Hit Poppy Hip Hop Quintuplets Quintuplet Swing Rapid Cyberpunk Retroish Beat Simple Simon Slapback 80s Slap Verb Slow Funky Break Soda Pop Groove Study Groove Synco Snare Trance Trap Beat Trap Hihat Beat Turnkey Turkey Twerpy Beat Typical Techno Weird Flex But Okay

XO Beats

Requires: XLN Audio XO Rated:

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